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The annual running cost of our homes is significantly less than most, due to our design and construction methods. We focus on using quality, long lasting materials, new heating and cooling systems, and place more emphasis on the insulation and building shell. 

optimum value engineering

We utilize OVE for the framing on our homes. This incorporates lining up framing members from the foundation to the roof system for strength, but removing any unnecessary wood from our walls and roof system. This minimizes thermal bridging and heat loss through the walls. 

heat pumps

Our typical home comes with a central heating and cooling system. These systems provide year round comfort, dehumidification for a health living environment, and easy system maintenance. Their energy efficiency also has a positive impact on your utility bills. 


Our insulation package provides superior resistance to heat transfer, reduces transmission of sound through the walls, and helps our heat pumps work more efficiently. 

We also incorporate and encourage the use of LED lights, energySTAR appliance and SMART controls. 

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